The IDK league

So following the recent interest of Baseball, we here at The Dug Out have decided to put together a fantasy league to keep up with games and to see how everyone is getting on.

With both of us opting for a heart over brain strategy, this hasn’t really paid off against the AI with both of us either coming close or having an avalanche of points between us.

The teams that have been set up are as followed:

West National League:

The New York Cannolis – Paul

AI Boyos – AI

East Union League:

Metro Bamboozles – Caylan

Kentucky Coleslaws – AI

So here is a run down of some of the players that each team has acquired during the trade window and how well they’ve done so far.


The New York Cannolis – W: 3 L: 2

Cody Bellinger ( La Dodgers) – 194pts

DJ LeMahieu (New York Yankees) – 89pts

Aaron judge (New York Yankees) – 78pts

Charlie Blackmon ( Colorado Rockies) – 121pts

Blake Snell (Tampa Bay Rays) – 100pts

The New York Cannolis have the ability to gain a lot of points today as they have 23 players looking to score points. They come off a 2 game loosing streak at the hands of AI Boyos the first week where they came close at some points of the match up but overall losing 463 – 540. The second game saw them loose again to the Kentucky Coleslaws that gave Kentucky their first win of the season beating them 409 – 375, again coming close at some points but overall beaten.

They are waiting on news from the Yankees in when Aaron judge will return. Judge being out for over 10days after the oblique tear, has struck a blow to this team bagging him 4th overall in their pick with their hopes set highly on him.

Again another Yankees player set high on their lists after using a waiver is Clint Frazier. However injuring his ankle has put on the injured list on Thursday for 10 – 14days.

Only time will tell if the luck for the New York Cannolis runs out or by the shake of a lucky rabbits foot they come back.

Metro Bamboozles – W: 0 L: 5

Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs) – 108pts

Domingo Santana ( Seattle Mariners) 121pts

Noah Syndergaard (New York Mets) – 125pts

Rafael Devers (Boston Red Sox) – 99pts

Wilson Contreras (Chicargo Cubs) – 115pts

The Metro Bamboozles haven’t won a game since the start of the season. The team is going great defensively with their PA (Points Against) being only 7 more than The Kentucky Coleslaws who top the table, 2427 – 2420.

Metro Bamboozles also have a big points match with everyone in their team besides 2 playing today. This should help them against a team that is on a losing streak. The Cannolis have taken a lot of players from the Yankees who are being plagued by injuries, so this should help them pull ahead.

Having Kris Bryant on their team should give them that advantage as being named the MVP of their match and going 2 – 4. The Cubs had a great game against the Cardinals with a 13-2 win.

The only thing I hope happens is that the Bamboozles can maintain a lead early on and not drop it by the middle of the week to make it 0-6.

Kentucky Coleslaws – W: 4 L: 1

Joes Altuve ( Houston Astros) – 122pts

Trea Turner (Washington Nationals) – 25pts

Whit Merrifield (Kansas City Royals) – 131pts

Kelley Jansen (Los Angeles Dodgers) – 123pts

David Price ( Boston Red Sox) – 115pts

The leading team overall with an 80% win percentage, a winning streak of 3 and starting the season in great form. A team that doesn’t have the high class players of other teams in the league has stunned people and opponents.

Drafted 3rd overall, having a position rank of 2 but only an average of 3.9 points Mookie Betts has played a formidable team game. Maybe not having a high average but having a large overall points for the team, he’s helping out the others to hoist the team further. A true team player.

Way back on March 31st, Trea Turner went 2 – 5, with two home runs, four RBI’s,three runs and a stolen base against the NewYork Mets. This gave them a win 6 – 5. So what a great explosion of points for the team so why wouldn’t he be picked at number 14. But ever since getting hit by a pitch on Tuesday the 2nd of April Trea was out and hasn’t been back since. With Turner being out over a month it out hasn’t damaged their streak or ability to score huge points.

So should the others be worried about this patriot like team running away with everything so early on? Or with the big chunk of matches and the injured players coming back give them that edge to close in? We just have to wait.

AI Boyos – W: 3 L: 2

Paul Goldschmidt ( St Louis Cardinals) – 119pts

Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) – 108pts

Mike Trout ( Los Angeles Angels) – 132pts

Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies) – 121pts

Roberto Osuna (Houston Astros) – 97pts

Now having Three great stars in the MLB right now; Machado, Trout and Harper its a surprise that this team isn’t running away with the games and being 4 – 1 at the beginning of the season.

Maybe this is due to Machado having a slow start to the year, Trout picking up a groin injury and Harper having the leagues highest strike out percentage. This isn’t what they’ve all wanted. Saying this though, these three great players have also had great games and having some of the best points in the league.

Machado set at 13th Rank overall, Trout set at 2nd Rank overall and Harper set a 4th Rank overall. These aren’t going anywhere but up so we could see the AI Boyos gaining huge points and potentially taking the lead against the Coleslaws.

Now its all about the waiting game not just on points, but injuries as well.

The start of a New Era!

Starting a blog.

This is something both of us here at The Dug Out have thought about doing for some time.

This is just a blog post to update you on what you can expect from this blog.

With a love of all things design and finding a new passion for American sports, this blog has been born out of those two things.

Like a weird Frankenstein monster this blog will intend to give updates on our favourite American Teams and how they are doing in the grand scheme of things. The two teams that’ll be followed closely are The New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs from the MLB.

We intend to also publish some of our works to act as a blog / portfolio based on our own designs / ideas that spring to mind.

We are in no way shape or form experts in all things baseball or American sports. We merely watch the sport from an amateurs point of view and enjoy the game.

Regarding illustration and design we both have a good knowledge and interest in this with both of us continuing it as a hobby.

As we have just started this blog we hope you stay tuned for our tales and illustrations as we have no routine as of yet but will be updated soon.

Have a great day

PS. I hope some of you got the New Era joke…